Monday, November 14, 2011

Taytum is here

Our little miracle is here!!! Life will never be the same. Taytum Rae Jones was born 11-01-11 @ 6:10am and was 7lbs 8ozs 21inches long! Labor and delivery was a good experience and nothing like I expected. My Dr wanted to induce me because my body was acting like I was having my 2 or 3 baby and was Dr was afraid of how fast I was going to have her. We got to the hospital on 10-31-11 @ 8pm and got my IV started and all the paperwork done. The dang IV took about an hour and a half to get in and was the worst pain of everything. Once that was done everything else was good. Got my epidural (heaven!!!!!) and I was progressing just as fast as the Dr thought I would. We had one little scare where Babys heart rate dropped for about 2 minutes. Pretty scary to be woken up with 5 nurses over you all doing something and trying to act like nothing is going on. When that happened the nurses told us that the Dr was watching everything on a monitor at home. He later told us he was sitting in his door way handing out candy to the trick or treaters while watching how baby and I were doing on he monitor. We thought that was pretty neat. About 5:30 the nurse said well let see where you are at, pull the sheet back and says "wow theres baby's head! we are ready to have a baby I need to go call the Dr!". Such a weird feeling and words I still at that point I never thought I'd hear. Dr showed up and everything was ready to get baby out after about 10 minutes of pushing we heard the sweetest sound of Taytums cry! The cord was wrapped around her neck which is why her heart rate had dropped but she was perfect! Such an amazing feeling when they placed her on my chest. I just started crying. Knowing just moments before she was with my Grandma and Brandons grandparents and they all gave her big kisses and sent her to us is a wonderful feeling. Brandon and I are on cloud 9 and never want to come down. The rest of the hospital stay was great. I got a foot message, we got a way nice celebration steak dinner and Taytum got a little photo shoot. (I will post those when I get them). Its amazing how someone so little can change your whole world in a short amount of time. We love our little Taytum Rae so much. Thanks to all who came to visit us and brought us meals once we got home.

At 4 days old Taytum went to her first of many football games!! Daddy called her their good luck charm because the games wasn't going that great and then Taytum showed up and they won in OT. We will see if her good luck magic works again this weekend as we go to Reno for the state game.
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The Logue Family said...

LACEY - she is absolutely BEA-U-TI-FUL!!! I can't wait to meet her in person :) You are going to be such amazing parents...I love it!

Amber said...

congrats! she is perfect!