Saturday, January 24, 2009

movie night

Life has been way crazy for us the last few weeks and Monday was the first day in forever we didn't do anything. We decided to have a movie night. We went to the store and got all kinds of junk food, rented a movie and took the mattress off the guest bed and watch movies. It was nice to relax and do nothing for once.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

WOW I'm a slacker!

Holy Cow I have alot of catching up to do. Im going to try to cram 3 weeks into one post.

First on the 17-20 I went with the basketball team down to Anaheim for a tourney. What was supposed to be a 5 hour trip ended up taking 31 or so hours!! 10 of those hour being stuck on i-15 in Victorville in the snow! It took 10 hours to go 4 miles. We took the school vans and the boys had snowball wars between the 2. The first 3 hours was fun but after that we were ready to get off the freeway but due to the snow, trucks jackknifed and the freeway being shut down there was no where for us to go. We call around trying to get hotel rooms but everyone else had the same idea and they were all booked. Thanks to my aunts friends who was willing to take in 13 high school kind and 4 adults. We had warm beds an amazing breakfast and the boys had places to plug in their cellphones and didnt have to sleep in the vans. Ben Sharon Alice & Eddie were awesome. Thanks so much.

Than we had Christmas eve and Brandons Parents house. We had a good dinner and the kids sang jingle bells. It was way cute. We stayed at our house that night and got up and went to my parents house for breakfast.

Every year Christmas morning is a big deal at my parents house. We all look forward to it all year long. My Mom makes sausage fondue and ebelskivers ( see picture below to see what they look like) they are amazing. Thanks mom and Grandma for all the hard work to make this such a special morning.

And then on Monday was my birthday and it started out with a freezing cold shower and so I called to get my water heater fixed at 7:30am and went on with my day thinking I would get a call back. My sisters and I went to St. George shopping and I everything on my list which NEVER happens. Then we went to Brandon Basketball game because the team had another tourney and we got home at about 4:00. My sister in law and nephews came to visit me and Kenzie went into my laundry room and found it flooded!! At this point I still hadnt heard anything back on getting my water heater fixed and now it was all over the place. So I called my home warranty company back and found out that no one could come fix it until Tuesday sometime in the afternoon maybe not until 5! I wasnt to happy but we got thru it and now I got a new water heater and I get to deal with the hassle of getting my laundry floor and walls repaired. Happy Birthday to me!!