Sunday, November 7, 2010

Little getaway

At the end of October Brandon had a Thursday night football game so we took advantage of having a weekend to do something and headed to Park City. It was a MUCH needed getaway. We stayed at Hotel Park City which I highly recommend. It was so nice! We Just hung out, shopped and just spent time together which we don't get to do very often with our busy schedules. It was one of the best weekend in a long time.
( no sling on because we just got back from dinner and I realized we didn't take pictures at dinner. hopefully the dumb thing comes off for good on Nov. 24!! if not I'm going to go crazy.)

We went and wondered around Olympic Park. Pretty cool.Brandon wanted to ride the bobsled but it doesn't open until the end of December. Wait that's around my birthday, we might have to make another trip up there. Hint Hint Brandon if you read this!!!!

Now life is back to being busy. This past weekend Brandon's football team won division and now on to semi playoffs, and I had my big primary activity I was in charge of. I'm so bummed I forgot my camera. It turned out so cute. (thanks again Jordan Whitney and Kenzie!!!)
We are keeping busy and have fun.