Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just a few thoughts

Just a few things I'd like to jot down for myself.
Today would have been my Grandma Waters 75th birthday. It also marks 2 years since Heavenly Father called her home. While I miss her so much and it doesn't get easier with time I am reminded of her all the time. I am reminder of her a lot through her daughters, My mom and my aunts. To me, my Aunt Tami seems to have my Grandmas laugh. I love hearing Aunt Tami laugh. Grandma loved to sit back and laugh at all of the silly thing we would do.
My Mom has my Grandmas hands. I see my moms hands and its like I'm watching my Grandmas hands. I remember sitting in church in Alhambra when I was little, and tracing the veins in Grandmas hand and realizing I have the same hands as well. My mom has a picture that I will always cherish of her and my Grandmas hands.
Aunt Tedene's sense of humor. I don't ever remember a time where my mom, grandma and Aunt Tedene and I weren't laughing to the point of peeing our pants. From the time Grandma had knee replacement and we realized from her room windows we could go to the waiting room and make faces at each other. Or the "bright idea" light in the hospital rooms. We were always able to have a great time together and laugh.
I feel so blessed to have had her as a Grandma. I hope I make her proud with the things I do and cant wait until we all get to be together again. I know she is having a great party today and having fun with Zoey, Taytum, and Wyatt and all her other great grand kids that will come.
We Love you Grandma and promise to always take care of Grandpa.