Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baby jones update

Baby Jones is doing great! Dr says I'm officially out of the first trimester!! I will be 13 weeks on Tuesday. We had our first OB appointment on Friday which was different because we've been seeing the specialist for so many years trying to have a baby and now some other Dr is going to get the credit for delivering the baby. Just seems weird. At our appointment the Dr did a quick ultrasound taking measurements and was done. It was fast and not what I was used to. They asked if we wanted the NT blood and ultrasound to check for downs. I looked at Brandon and said I don't care what the results would be I want another ultrasound, so yes! We got a 45 minute ultrasound and it was so fun to sit there and watch our baby. Baby just wanted to sleep though so they had me go to the bathroom, drink water and lay on my sides. At the end they told us it looks like we are having a little GIRL! They will confirm in 4 weeks but were pretty confident its a GIRL. Little Taytum Rae!. Brandon and I still don't agree on the spelling but that the name. What do you all think (the 3 of you who still read our blog) Brandon likes Taetum and I like Taytum. It finally hit me Friday afternoon as I was shopping for girl clothes ( yes I couldn't wait) that I am going to have a baby. That all of this isn't just a dream. I knew one day it would happen and now that it is happening it just seem so crazy. We truly feel so blessed for everything we have gone through to get to this point. Now if November will just hurry and get here!

April adventures

April was a WAY busy month for us. Seemed like everything was crammed into one month. We Started off with the good old Clark County Fair and Rodeo which Brandon and I help out at. I'm in charge of one of the stages. Very stressful but fun. This year Brandon helped out in the cash office. Mixed in that week Brandon had a home track meet. Then we went back to work for a week, had another track meet then we hopped on a plane with our very good friends the Lewis' and headed for Hawaii for a week. They invited us to stay in their timeshare with them. We had a very good time but decided we don't take vacations, we take adventures. We had a good time exploring the island, searching for waterfalls (some we found, one we didn't after hiking down hill and then back up about 4 miles) and hanging out. We sure do have awesome friends to have invited us along and had a good time with. May is looking to be a busy month too. My sister Jordan is getting married next weekend and my little brother if receiving his eagle scout after all his hard work. Im so proud of both of them and when I get a chance to breath I'll blog about it.