Friday, August 26, 2011

Please come celebrate with us!

I do not want a traditional baby shower so we are having a BBQ. We want to share this special time with all our friends and family. Come join the fun and excitement!

****** If you plan on coming, we moved the time back to 6. With as hot as it has been we don't want everyone to die of the heat!*********

Monday, August 22, 2011


I've been a HUGE slacker!! This is like 5 months in one. And because I am tried of trying to rearrange the pictures its going to be out of order.

In August we had a birthday party for my littlest sister Mackenzie. We went to king putt and had a little party at my parents house with a few of her friends.

June, My little brother Zack graduated high school!!

May 7th My little sister Jordan married Rowdy! We are happy for them and excited to have Rowdy in the family.

We went with Brandon Lindsey Colton Zack and Kenzie on a trip to the shark reef!

In May, Zack had his Court of Honor and officially received his Eagle Scout. We are so proud of Zack and all the hard work he put in.

In June we took a trip down to San Diego for 2 Braves games. It was a fun weekend hanging out and exploring San Diego.

Ok I think Im caught up for now. Still have to blog about the awesome weekend we had with the high school football team this past weekend but that will be done by Friday. It need a post all of its own it was that awesome!