Friday, July 23, 2010

Bruisers new trick and Grandma Gainey's Visit

I went in to my room and found Bruiser has a new trick. He waits until you put a brand new roll of tp on then takes it off the roll for you. Next he hides half of it under the bed. I was so mad! But he is so cute.

Grandma Gainey came to visit for a weekend to plan Zacks graduation trip and we took a break from planning to play the Wii. Grandma was so funny to watch. She was getting way into it. I had to make sure she had the wrist strap on so I didn't have to buy a new TV.

My new Kitchen

In June I had this CRAZY idea to redo my kitchen. I couldn't rip everything out and start over so a few gallons of paint would have to do. We painted the walls yellow and I didn't like the look of the cabinets so thanks to all the DIY blogs I decided to paint them. Let me just say next time I'll will be more then willing to pay the thousand of dollars and have them done by someone else. Brandon told me I was crazy before we started and half way through I was believing him that I was. But I LOVE how they turned out. Pictures don't do it justice. I have always loved the old country look so that's what I went with. I forgot to take pictures of the whole kitchen before I started.

This is what all the cabinets looked like to start with.

Looks like I need to organize.

Paint drying then it started to pour and only lasted 5 minutes. I was so mad.

The finished project!

Probably one of my favorite thing. I found this way cool frame at an antique shop but it was broken. I took it to Grandpa and he fixed it for me. Now I have a cute magnet board to put pictures and you all know how much I LOVE picture! If you send me one this is where it will be displayed.(hint hint, send'em my way!)

Next project: the guest bathroom!