Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grandmas Weekend

I know I already posted about Grandma's passing but there are some thing I want to keep for my memories.
This past weekend was my Grandma Waters funeral. While it was very hard, it was a good week. I was able to take the week off work and spend alot of time with my family. Thursday was the service in Henderson. It went really well. My Grandma looked very peaceful and beautiful.
After the service we had a luncheon and was able to spend time with friends and family who had traveled to be there. On the way home Brandon and I were talking and he said something that has really helped me get through this. He said" you know how your Grandpa went on a mission after he and your Grandma were married and she waited 2 years for him, well now your Grandma is on her mission and she is getting everything ready for your Grandpa to join her in heaven." I was like WOW! thats an amazing way of thinking of it. Its so true.

On Friday all my family in Henderson started to make their way to Idaho. That is where my Grandparents choose to be their final resting place. On the way up Brandon and I met up with my Dad, Grandpa, Kenzie and Grandma. Yes Grandma. When Grandpa was making the arrangements to get Grandma to Idaho, I'm not totally sure how it all came about, but flying her would have cost over $1000.00. So, the funeral home suggested a U-Haul, but Grandma deserved better and they asked if anyone in the family had a SUV that would fit a casket. Measurements were taken of my moms Yukon XL and it was a perfect match. So my Grandpa was able to make Grandma's the final drive to Idaho with her. On one of our gas up stops I was talking to my dad and Grandpa and told them what Brandon had said and we stood there and cried because we know its true.

We all made it to Idaho safe and had a beautiful service which my Grandpa spoke and did amazing! I don't know I would be able to do something like that. Singing was hard enough! We buried Grandma at the Grant Central Cemetery. I do wish she was closer to us, but she is with a lot of her family. Grandma's flowers were a little more colorful then you would normally see on a casket, but each flower had a special meaning. On Mother's Day every year my Grandma wore a crosage that had 5 flowers with 2 different colors, 3 for her girls and 2 for her sons so it was only right that her final flowers carried on that. My Mom and aunt Tami did a beautiful job making sure it was done right with, one red for Grandpa, two yellow for her sons Jeff and Jerry, three purple for her daughters Tami, Tonya, and Tedene, 6 blue for her grandsons Brandon, Brad, Zack, Trevor, Stryder, and Soren, 12 pink for her granddaughters Taryn, Lacey, Katie, Lauren, Jordan, Hannah, Whitney, Amanda, Mackenzie, Sarah, Emma, and Shelby, and one white for the great grandbaby on the way.

I have so many wonderful memories of my grandma and am going to truly miss her, but I know its only a short time until I see her again. I love you the most Grandma.