Friday, August 29, 2008


Ok there are so many pictures I dont know where to start. Im going to do posts by island starting with Trinidad. Brandon spent the most time here. It it not a tourist island and is not very safe. We were there from Aug 10-13. We drove around alot and were able to see some really neat things. We also met up with a family Brandon was close with. It was so fun to meet them and we were able to go to dinner.

Bake & Shark! Yes I ate shark and it was so dang good!

Jordan Grandma and I enjoying Apple J and shark

Brandon and I at a look out point in Trinidad.

This bamboo tree was HUGE! It was so awesome.

A real banana tree and coconut tree. There were vendors all over selling coconuts. They use a huge machete to cut the top off and you drink the water inside. Its supposed to be supper good for you. They weren't brown like i thought coconuts were. These were green.

The flowers there were amazing!

The family Brandon worked with. They took us to an Indian restaurant and we ate Roti. Roti is similar to pita bread. You tear and rip the roti and mix it with rice, different meats-chicken, lamb and beef- in curry sauce. You eat it by mixing it together with your hands, no silverware! They LOVE curry so everything was spicy. Oh and the drinks are fresh and I mean fresh fruit juices. They are fresh squeezed and nothing added. Yummy I loved them.

These were what alot of the houses looked liked. Families would live in these tiny places. WoW Im lucky for what I do have.

Goofing off at Fort George.
These were just a few of the high lights from Trinidad.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

West Indies Trip part 1 almost

In the airport getting ready to leave . We look pretty good for it being 10pm and being up since 5am.
(note: first up close picture of lacey with no braces!!!)
Ok sorry I havent posted about our big trip, the past 2 weeks have been so busy. Hopefully friday I will be able to post pictures and stories.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Ok now that I have all the July birthdays posted, I can update everyone on the happenings of the Jones family.

This weekend we have our 2 cute little nephews staying with us while their mom and dad are on a much needed vacation. They get back on Sunday and then our fun week begins.

Here is how our week is going to go

Monday: just normal going to work. and start packing. not to bad

Tuesday: Brandon has to go to the CCSD offices to get all his paper work done for the up coming school year. Lacey just work. still pack. Still not too bad.

Wednesday: Lacey gets her braces OFF!!!!!! finally after 2 & 1/2 years they are coming off!! I can wait. Wednesday night Lacey has mutual for young women's. Brandon has to take 2 tests and has to go up to the weight room for football.

Thursday: Last day of work and get ready for our trip. & Kenzie Birthday!!

Friday: Brandon finally done with student teaching! He has been teaching at an elementary school and has learned that the 3rd grade is not for him. Chad and Emilys wedding. Sometime today we have to get last minute stuff for our trip.

Saturday: Little Lauren is getting Married!! I cant believe it. I'm so happy for her. Also we have to be all pack.

Finally @ 10:45 all my stress should be gone because I'll be on a plane with Brandon Jordan and my Grandma, heading back to part of Brandon's mission!!! We are lucky enough to be able to go see where he spent 2 years serving the church. For those who don't know where he went, it was called the West Indies mission. We get to go to Trinidad, Tobago and Barbados. I'm so excited!! I promise pictures and stories when we get back!

Brandons B-day

WOW July is birthday month! Brandon, my big brother, had a b-day on the 24! He is the best big brother anyone could ask for. When we were in high school we did alot together. I know he hated his little sister tagging along but I'm glad I got to. Some of my favorite memories are of the stupid funny thing we did. And let me tell you there were alot of them. We also would stay up really late and just talk about anything. My parents would get mad we were up so late but we had some of the best talks. We could tell each other anything. As we have gotten older we still are really close and love to give each other a hard time. I love him so much and want him to be happy. Hopefully one day he will find a good girl and settle down. I love you Brandon!

Another Birthday!

My WONDERFUL Grandma had a birthday on the 26th! She is such a sweet person and wants the best for all her family. Every Sunday she has all of her family, sometimes up to like 30 people if we are all there, and makes dinner for everyone! That alot of cooking to do. Grandpa helps too. Grandma always has something to make you feel better. If you get a cut or scratch just go to Grandmas Surgery and she'll make it all better. I love you so much Grandma! Thanks for all you do for our family. Is hard living farther away and not getting to come to dinner as often as before but know we still love you and are thankful to have you as a Grandma!!
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