Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taytum Rae Jones

We had our 16 week a week and a half check up and Dr said everything was looking great. He said he was leaning towards a girl. We had an 3d ultrasound right after that appt and they confirmed 100% girl. It was crazy. The lady had the probe on my tummy for like 2 seconds and was like all baby girl here. I guess when that's what you do all day you can pick that up that fast. It lasted about 30 minutes and was so fun to sit there and watch Taytum play and move around. My Mom and Dad went with us to this one and we will have another one when I'm farther along that all family is invited to. The next day was Saturday and when I had just gotten in to bed and laid down I felt her kick for the first time! It was the coolest thing. Since then I have felt her kicking a lot. Last night I was able to feel her with my hand on my tummy. Such an amazing feeling. Im starting to get a bump and most of my clothes don't fit. One day I will post bump pictures. I have only taken 2. One the day the embryos were placed in and one at 14 week. I was asked at work the other day if I was pregnant. That was weird. It took me a minute to answer. I was like humm yes I am. When you try to get pregnant for years and it finally happens you don't know how to answer those questions. It's like wow yes I am. Something I thought I'd never get to experience. Truly a miracle.