Sunday, October 2, 2011

AZ Football Game

Back in August Moapa Valley Football team was invited to play in a game against the AZ 3A state champs at the AZ Cardinals stadium. It was such a fun and once in a lifetime experience for the team. Stayed in a 5star hotel, while the guys were at practice or team meeting us wives were out shopping. I told Brandon I could get used to that life if he was to go on and coach at a higher level. We both know that I really couldn't because of the time we would spend apart but it was fun for a weekend. We went on a tour of the stadium, the boy got to go in the locker rooms that the NFL players use and play on the same field as guys they watch on tv. It was a really neat weekend ant to top it off we won! Moapa was the first Nevada team to win this game. Bishop Gorman has gone the past few years to play the 4A but has lost. They did win this year which was cool both Nevada teams won.

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